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Rolling Oils



It is a product formulated with low viscosity base oil indicated to produce high quality, bright, clear aluminum thin sheets cold-rolling. It contains suitable EP properties that offer a super finish and a non-staining surface.



DYKOROLL 12 is a synthetic base oil that can be added to the surface of the product at 5-8% concentrations depending on the rolling conditions. A higher concentration can be used with higher viscosity base oil for greater thickness.



DYKOROLL 15 is an evaporative stamping oil for aluminum sheets in packing industries.



DYKOROLL 30 is a premium petroleum fluid for cold rolling of thin sheets of steel and other non-ferrous materials. It features a high flash point and low viscosity. It has clean and clear appearance together with extremely low odor, giving excellent operator acceptance. Other applications of the product include:

  • Cutting and stamping
  • Burnishing operations.
  • Forming on roller machines and presses with multiple slides.
  • Operations of low thicknesses joggling.



DYKOROLL 70 is an emulsifiable hot rolling oil designed to give stability at high rolling temperatures, allowing excellent performance, surface finish and minimizing oil consumption per rolled ton. The product is recommended for:

  • Hot rolling of aluminum and its alloys
  • Rolling of copper, copper alloys and mild steel.
  • Hydro-forming of copper and brass.

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General Dynamics

Complete satisfaction with DYKOTE 5500, synthetic cutting fluid. We have experienced good tool life and no corrosion on our machines for more than 12 months. Maintenance cost improved performing less system coolant changes.

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