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Gear oils

Gear Oils


GEARLUBE is formulated from highly refined paraffinic base oils, fortified with special additives for the lubrication of heavy-duty industrial gears. It has outstanding load carrying properties, high oxidation stability and superior anti-wear extreme pressure performance; as in Timken Test ASTM D2782.

GEARLUBE ISO 220 has Timken Ok load at 70 lbs, while the industrial standard ISO 220 requirement is 60 lbs. The series also meets and exceeds the following industrial standards and OEM specifications.

  • ISO 12925-1 Type CKD, except ISO 680-1000
  • DIN 51517- Part 3 (CLP), except ISO 680- 1000
  • AGMA 9005- EO2 (EP)
  • US Steel 224
  • David Brown S1.53.101
  • Cincinnati Machine Gear
  • GM LS-2



GEARLUBE HD is a fully synthetic oil, fortified with a special additive package for the lubrication of heavy-duty industrial gears.

The product is formulated for steel gear transmissions, industrial gear drives, bearings, and industrial gearboxes with spur and helical gears, where resistance to water emulsibility and thermal stability are key performance indicators.

It offers superior AW/EP performance; in the Four Ball load test ASTM D2783 the weld load reached 400 kg while the ISO 220 requirement is 250 kg.

GEARLUBE HD SERIES meets and exceeds the Flender AG specification.

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Complete satisfaction with DYKOTE 5500, synthetic cutting fluid. We have experienced good tool life and no corrosion on our machines for more than 12 months. Maintenance cost improved performing less system coolant changes.

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